About ATC/ATCx

Altair Technology Conference (ATC) Series

Over the past 18 years, Altair Technology Conferences have grown to become a premier forum for learning and sharing experiences in engineering, design and high-performance computing…and Altair continues this tradition with an amazing ATC event series.

his year’s ATC lineup features our popular ATC multi-day events, beginning with our European event, continuing with events in Japan and China, and concluding in our ASEAN region. This global series brings together thousands of professionals to share experiences across a breadth of industries, and the venues and additional activities have become extremely popular with Altair customers and those who just wish to learn and discover.

The ATC events cover the complete spectrum of Altair offerings and customer presentations, from the application of simulation and optimization technology to partner solutions and high-performance computing. Please consider spending a couple of days with Altair and your peers at one of the ATC events this year!

ATCx Seminars

This year we are introducing an additional series of regional one-day events that we are calling the ATCx series. These ATCx events will occur in regions that do not have a larger two-day event planned, and will be often be focused on special topics within the design and engineering domain.

The ATCx series will feature multi-physics simulation, a series of lightweighting events, as well as domain-specific events in automotive, aerospace, shipbuilding, and electronics. Some of the ATCx seminars will combine topics or be more general in nature, depending on the regional nature of industry and customer base. With a more local presence, intimate setting, and topic-specific agenda, these events are a great complement to the larger ATC events.

“Last year’s European ATC confirmed the excellent reputation of this conference series. It gave insight into how different industries are using the latest trends in simulation and optimization technologies.It should be also emphasized that the increase in participants from outside Europe broadens the interest and quality of networking opportunities. In particular, the direct exchange with Altair’s corporate team of experts and developers are extremely valuable.”

Anthony Hähnel, Renault